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  Welcome   !!!!

      I am glad that you decided to enter and explore my crossdressing desires and my "special" need for discipline.  We all develop some desires that are considered kinky. I must say that my crossdressing helps ease the tension of our fast paced world and lets my softer side show. As adults our bad behaviors so many times go uncorrected! We continue our errant behaviors day after day. That's where discipline takes it's place.

When dressed as Terri,it allows my softer femanine side to show. She helps me see how I behaved. I realize how disrespectful or naughty I have been. That's when it's time to apply a long hard lesson to correct my behavior. After receiving just one REAL good hard bare bottom discipline spanking I started to change. In Terri's life a good hard spanking till I am crying or fully repentent really makes a difference.

     Well, choose a link on the left and follow Terri's crossdressing world s.

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