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Welcome to my picture Gallery Home.

    I finally decided to redesign my site. I have so many pictures now that a one page listing of all the pictures is too big.     I hope that you enjoy all of my Dressing pictures. Take a look at all of my picture pages. I really enjoy posing in front of the camera.
     In my earlier years,the internet was not as widely used or known. I had to work long and hard to get these pictures usable for the internet. I will admit I think they came out well. 

** To the Dressing Pictures **

     I thank all my friends for taking many of the photographs, especially the ones that are outside at the park. It was such a great day, to finally get outside while dressed. Going to the park was my first time out in public.  .  I must admit at first I was scared that others would point or single me out.  No one even blinked an eye even though many people walked past us and even waited while we were taking pictures.  I guess it showed, most people really don't care. 

    Well I hope that you enjoy my pictures and come back often.