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This is Terri's story of crossdressing and discipline.

It all started when I was about 12 years old. I tried on a pair of my cousins light blue nylon panties and I was hooked. In the high school years, I started to buy more girly items. I lived in an area with rather secluded forest. I dressed from the waist down and roamed the forest for hours. In my college years, I finally dressed in total fem with wig, makeup and all. Having my own apartment meant being dressed. Late at night I would go for rides in my car dressed to the nines. I would go to secluded areas of town and walk around the block. What a feeling to be out in the open air dressed as Terri.

My submissive side started to bloom. I had such a desire for Terri to receive a good hard over-the-knee bare bottom spanking.   My attraction to spanking peaked when I witnessed my neighbor being spanked by her father. My feminine side evolved stronger and stronger. As did the need to be spanked. I searched quite a long time to find others into dressing/spanking. Finally I found a disciplinarian. We since have gone out ways .  the end

Terri's interests include:

Crosdressing,Photography Computers,and meeting people.

Oh Yes! when I am naughty, Spanked hard on my bare bottom!

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