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Terri has a great desire and need to be thoroughly disciplined when she acts badly. Terri met a great preson and Disiplinarian, "Mark" someone who cares that Terri improves her behavior. Terrri knows darn well that she is hurting or endangering others by her actions.  Terri  feels very sorry for her actions but needs improvement and to "pay" for her actions.  Well,  Terri now must report to her disciplinarian "Mark" when she violates good behaviors. For her bad actions, Terri will "pay" with a good hard old-fashioned bare-bottom spanking over Marks's knees until she has learned her lesson!!

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Spankings Earned
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Date Violation
0000-00-00Terri needs to be corrected for her bad behaviors
2008-02-08Spanked for past offenses
2008-02-24Work Error
2008-02-29used the elevator.
2008-12-07Since the last spanking in September, Terri has been a good girl. There have been a few times that I needed to catch myself before spouting of to others. At least Terri is learning, but I have a long way to go. So I am sure that there will be more spankings to come.
2008-03-16Exceeded the speedlimit set forth in the contract. 10 mph over is all thats allowed
2008-03-25Mistreated loved ones. Terri lost her temper
2008-03-26SPANKED for bad behavior of speeding with children in the car
0000-00-00new coming soon
0000-00-00new coming soon
2008-07-13Terri finally was bad. She procrastinated and ended up forgetting to take very inportant items to a graduation. She also acted like a naughty brat the whole day because of her doings. She earned an absolutely awful spanking!
2011-07-31over due spanking for being such a bitch.
2009-07-20Weight Management spanking ! spanked as a maintenance
2009-07-21Early morning spanking. A good hard spanking as maintenance to keep on a straight path with her diet and loved ones
2009-07-20July 20 spanking face view
2010-10-12Being miserable/disrespectful to everyone. Having a hard time accepting happenings in her life and is in a miserable frame of mind that affesct everybody and everything.
2010-11-15not obeying the rules at a previous spanking and not taking care of one's self
2012-01-18spanked for beign so bitch and just need a good cry

Spanking Events

Date Description video link Photo
0000-00-00Waiting in turn. When Terri forgets herself and acts badly, over the knee!spanking
2008-02-08First meeting. Spanked for past bad behaviors. Contract agreement. Spanked a few times for discovery of limits.spanking
2008-03-26spanked in two sessions for speeding and treating family members bad. Camr very close to cryinbg watch and listed after the spankingmedia/bbh3.wmvspanking
2008-07-13My disciplianarian was not to happy with Terri's behavior. New paddle and spanked hard.media/heldaccount.wmvspanking
2011-07-31maintenance spanking for being bitchy and to follow doctors health orders. media/07312011.wmvspanking
2009-07-20Terri need correction for her weight management and to keep her health in check. The maintenance spankings are excellent reminders to keep on a straight path!media/lovediscipline.wmvspanking
2009-07-21Terri spanked when her disciplinarian awoke in the AM. Terri spanked in her short satin nighty. Her second spanking in 12 hours. Her bottom will be sore for a good while.media/AmSpanking.wmvspanking
2009-07-20Terri spanked on July 20 ,2009. This is a face view angle of this spanking.media/faceview.wmvspanking
2010-10-12Terri spanked hard on the bare bottom by her disciplinarian.media/oct122010.wmvspanking
2010-11-15Spanked for not not listening and not caring about myselfmedia/Nov15-2010.wmvspanking
2012-01-18a good spanking in her cheerleader uniform. spanked for being bitchy and need to keep terri in line.media/cheer.wmvspanking